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ŚB 12.2.42


कथं सेयमखण्डा भू: पूर्वैर्मे पुरुषैर्धृता ।
मत्पुत्रस्य च पौत्रस्य मत्पूर्वा वंशजस्य वा ॥ ४२ ॥


kathaṁ seyam akhaṇḍā bhūḥ
pūrvair me puruṣair dhṛtā
mat-putrasya ca pautrasya
mat-pūrvā vaṁśa-jasya vā


katham — how; iyam — this same; akhaṇḍā — unbounded; bhūḥ — earth; pūrvaiḥ — by the predecessors; me — my; puruṣaiḥ — by the personalities; dhṛtā — held in control; mat-putrasya — of my son; ca — and; pautrasya — of the grandson; mat-pūrvā — now under my sway; vaṁśa-jasya — of the descendant; — or.


[The materialistic king thinks:] “This unbounded earth was held by my predecessors and is now under my sovereignty. How can I arrange for it to remain in the hands of my sons, grandsons and other descendants?”


This is an example of foolish possessiveness.