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ŚB 12.2.36


एतेषां नामलिङ्गानां पुरुषाणां महात्मनाम् ।
कथामात्रावशिष्टानां कीर्तिरेव स्थिता भुवि ॥ ३६ ॥


eteṣāṁ nāma-liṅgānāṁ
puruṣāṇāṁ mahātmanām
kīrtir eva sthitā bhuvi


eteṣām — of these; nāma — their names; liṅgānām — which are the only means of remembering them; puruṣāṇām — of the personalities; mahā-ātmanām — who were great souls; kathā — the stories; mātra — merely; avaśiṣṭānām — whose remaining portion; kīrtiḥ — the glories; eva — only; sthitā — are present; bhuvi — on the earth.


These personalities, who were great souls, are now known only by their names. They exist only in accounts from the past, and only their fame remains on the earth.


Although one may consider oneself to be a great, powerful leader, he will ultimately end up as a name in a long list of names. In other words, it is useless to be attached to power and position in the material world.