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ŚB 12.11.5


मायाद्यैर्नवभिस्तत्त्वै: स विकारमयो विराट् ।
निर्मितो द‍ृश्यते यत्र सचित्के भुवनत्रयम् ॥ ५ ॥


māyādyair navabhis tattvaiḥ
sa vikāra-mayo virāṭ
nirmito dṛśyate yatra
sa-citke bhuvana-trayam


māyā-ādyaiḥ — beginning with the unmanifest stage of nature; navabhiḥ — with the nine; tattvaiḥ — elements; saḥ — that; vikāra-mayaḥ — also comprising the transformations (of the eleven senses and the five gross elements); virāṭ — the universal form of the Lord; nirmitaḥ — constructed; dṛśyate — are seen; yatra — in which; sa-citke — being conscious; bhuvana-trayam — the three planetary systems.


The universal form [virāṭ] of the Personality of Godhead includes the nine basic elements of creation, starting with the unmanifest nature, and their subsequent transformations. Once this universal form is instilled with consciousness, the three planetary systems become visible within it.


The nine basic elements of creation are prakṛti, sūtra, mahat-tattva, false ego, and the five subtle perceptions. The transformations are the eleven senses and the five gross material elements.