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ŚB 11.26.29


ता ये श‍ृण्वन्ति गायन्ति ह्यनुमोदन्ति चाद‍ृता: ।
मत्परा: श्रद्दधानाश्च भक्तिं विन्दन्ति ते मयि ॥ २९ ॥


tā ye śṛṇvanti gāyanti
hy anumodanti cādṛtāḥ
mat-parāḥ śraddadhānāś ca
bhaktiṁ vindanti te mayi


tāḥ — those topics; ye — persons who; śṛṇvanti — hear; gāyanti — chant; hi — indeed; anumodanti — take to heart; ca — and; ādṛtāḥ — with respect; mat-parāḥ — dedicated to Me; śraddadhānāḥ — faithful; ca — and; bhaktim — devotional service; vindanti — achieve; te — they; mayi — for Me.


Whoever hears, chants and respectfully takes to heart these topics about Me becomes faithfully dedicated to Me and thus achieves My devotional service.


One who hears from advanced devotees of Lord Kṛṣṇa can be saved from the ocean of material existence. When one obeys the order of a bona fide spiritual master, the polluted workings of the mind are checked, one sees things in a new, spiritual light, and there blossoms the propensity for selfless loving service to the Lord, which gives the fruit of love of Godhead.