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ŚB 11.25.18


सीदच्चित्तं विलीयेत चेतसो ग्रहणेऽक्षमम् ।
मनो नष्टं तमो ग्लानिस्तमस्तदुपधारय ॥ १८ ॥


sīdac cittaṁ vilīyeta
cetaso grahaṇe ’kṣamam
mano naṣṭaṁ tamo glānis
tamas tad upadhāraya


sīdat — failing; cittam — the higher faculties of consciousness; vilīyeta — become dissolved; cetasaḥ — awareness; grahaṇe — in controlling; akṣamam — incapable; manaḥ — the mind; naṣṭam — ruined; tamaḥ — ignorance; glāniḥ — depression; tamaḥ — the mode of ignorance; tat — that; upadhāraya — you should understand.


When one’s higher awareness fails and finally disappears and one is thus unable to concentrate his attention, his mind is ruined and manifests ignorance and depression. You should understand this situation to be the predominance of the mode of ignorance.