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ŚB 11.21.13


अमेध्यलिप्तं यद् येन गन्धलेपं व्यपोहति ।
भजते प्रकृतिं तस्य तच्छौचं तावदिष्यते ॥ १३ ॥


amedhya-liptaṁ yad yena
gandha-lepaṁ vyapohati
bhajate prakṛtiṁ tasya
tac chaucaṁ tāvad iṣyate


amedhya — by something impure; liptam — touched; yat — that thing which; yena — by which; gandha — the bad smell; lepam — and the impure covering; vyapohati — gives up; bhajate — the contaminated object again assumes; prakṛtim — its original nature; tasya — of that object; tat — that application; śaucam — purification; tāvat — to that extent; iṣyate — is considered.


A particular purifying agent is considered appropriate when its application removes the bad odor or dirty covering of some contaminated object and makes it resume its original nature.


Furniture, kitchen utensils, clothing and other objects are purified by application of abrasion, alkali, acid, water and so on. One thereby removes the bad fragrance or impure coating of such objects, restoring them to their original clean appearance.