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ŚB 11.13.21


इत्यहं मुनिभि: पृष्टस्तत्त्वजिज्ञासुभिस्तदा ।
यदवोचमहं तेभ्यस्तदुद्धव निबोध मे ॥ २१ ॥


ity ahaṁ munibhiḥ pṛṣṭas
tattva-jijñāsubhis tadā
yad avocam ahaṁ tebhyas
tad uddhava nibodha me


iti — thus; aham — I; munibhiḥ — by the sages; pṛṣṭaḥ — questioned; tattva — the truth about the goal of yoga; jijñāsubhiḥ — by those desiring to know; tadā — at that time; yat — that which; avocam — spoke; aham — I; tebhyaḥ — unto them; tat — that; uddhava — My dear Uddhava; nibodha — please learn; me — from Me.


My dear Uddhava, the sages, being eager to understand the ultimate truth of the yoga system, thus inquired from Me. Now please hear as I explain that which I spoke unto the sages.