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ŚB 10.84.21


अद्य नो जन्मसाफल्यं विद्यायास्तपसो द‍ृश: ।
त्वया सङ्गम्य सद्गत्या यदन्त: श्रेयसां पर: ॥ २१ ॥


adya no janma-sāphalyaṁ
vidyāyās tapaso dṛśaḥ
tvayā saṅgamya sad-gatyā
yad antaḥ śreyasāṁ paraḥ


adya — today; naḥ — our; janma — of the birth; sāphalyam — fruition; vidyāyāḥ — of the education; tapasaḥ — of the austerities; dṛśaḥ — of the power of sight; tvayā — with You; saṅgamya — obtaining association; sat — of saintly persons; gatyā — who are the goal; yat — because; antaḥ — the limit; śreyasām — of benefits; paraḥ — ultimate.


Today our birth, education, austerity and vision have all become perfect because we have been able to associate with You, the goal of all saintly persons. Indeed, You Yourself are the ultimate, supreme blessing.


The sages here contrast their respect for the Lord with His reciprocal worship of them. Lord Kṛṣṇa honors brāhmaṇas as a means of instructing less intelligent men, whereas He is in fact absolutely independent. The brāhmaṇas who worship Him, on the other hand, benefit themselves more than they can imagine.