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ŚB 10.83.4


हि त्वात्मधामविधुतात्मकृतत्र्यवस्था-
मानन्दसम्प्लवमखण्डमकुण्ठबोधम् ।
कालोपसृष्टनिगमावन आत्तयोग-
मायाकृतिं परमहंसगतिं नता: स्म ॥ ४ ॥


hi tvātma dhāma-vidhutātma-kṛta-try-avasthām
ānanda-samplavam akhaṇḍam akuṇṭha-bodham
kālopasṛṣṭa-nigamāvana ātta-yoga-
māyākṛtiṁ paramahaṁsa-gatiṁ natāḥ sma


hi — indeed; tvā — to You; ātma — of Your personal form; dhāma — by the illumination; vidhuta — dispelled; ātma — by material consciousness; kṛta — created; tri — three; avasthām — the material conditions; ānanda — in ecstasy; samplavam — (within whom is) the total immersion; akhaṇḍam — unlimited; akuṇṭha — unrestricted; bodham — whose knowledge; kāla — by time; upasṛṣṭa — endangered; nigama — of the Vedas; avane — for the protection; ātta — having assumed; yoga-māyā — by Your divine power of illusion; ākṛtim — this form; parama-haṁsa — of perfect saints; gatim — the goal; natāḥ sma — (we) have bowed down.


The radiance of Your personal form dispels the threefold effects of material consciousness, and by Your grace we become immersed in total happiness. Your knowledge is indivisible and unrestricted. By Your Yoga-māyā potency You have assumed this human form for protecting the Vedas, which had been threatened by time. We bow down to You, the final destination of perfect saints.


Simply by the effulgent light emanating from the beautiful form of Lord Kṛṣṇa, one’s intelligence is purified of all material contamination, and thus the soul’s various entanglements in the modes of goodness, passion and ignorance are dispelled. “How then,” the Lord’s relatives imply, “can we ever suffer misfortune? We are always immersed in absolute happiness.” This is their answer to His inquiry about their welfare.