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ŚB 10.64.16


कस्यचिद् द्विजमुख्यस्य भ्रष्टा गौर्मम गोधने ।
सम्पृक्ताविदुषा सा च मया दत्ता द्विजातये ॥ १६ ॥


kasyacid dvija-mukhyasya
bhraṣṭā gaur mama go-dhane
sampṛktāviduṣā sā ca
mayā dattā dvijātaye


kasyacit — of a certain; dvijabrāhmaṇa; mukhyasya — first class; bhraṣṭā — lost; gauḥ — a cow; mama — my; go-dhane — in the herd; sampṛktā — becoming mixed; aviduṣā — who was unaware; — she; ca — and; mayā — by me; dattā — given; dvi-jātaye — to (another) brāhmaṇa.


Once a cow belonging to a certain first-class brāhmaṇa wandered away and entered my herd. Unaware of this, I gave that cow in charity to a different brāhmaṇa.


Śrīla Śrīdhara Svāmī explains that the term dvija-mukhya, “first-class brāhmaṇa,” here indicates a brāhmaṇa who has stopped accepting charity and would thus refuse to accept even one hundred thousand cows in exchange for the cow that had been improperly given away.