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ŚB 10.62.8


तच्छ्रुत्वा भगवान् क्रुद्ध: केतुस्ते भज्यते यदा ।
त्वद्दर्पघ्नं भवेन्मूढ संयुगं मत्समेन ते ॥ ८ ॥


tac chrutvā bhagavān kruddhaḥ
ketus te bhajyate yadā
tvad-darpa-ghnaṁ bhaven mūḍha
saṁyugaṁ mat-samena te


tat — that; śrutva — hearing; bhagavān — the lord; kruddhaḥ — angry; ketuḥ — flag; te — your; bhajyate — is broken; yadā — when; tvat — your; darpa — pride; ghnam — destroyed; bhavet — will be; mūḍha — O fool; saṁyugam — battle; mat — to me; samena — with Him who is equal; te — your.


Hearing this, Lord Śiva became angry and replied, “Your flag will be broken, fool, when you have done battle with one who is my equal. That fight will vanquish your conceit.”


Lord Śiva could have immediately chastised Bāṇāsura and personally destroyed his pride, but since Bāṇāsura had been such a faithful servant of his, Śiva did not do so.