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ŚB 10.6.42


ते तत्र वर्णितं गोपै: पूतनागमनादिकम् ।
श्रुत्वा तन्निधनं स्वस्ति शिशोश्चासन् सुविस्मिता: ॥ ४२ ॥


te tatra varṇitaṁ gopaiḥ
śrutvā tan-nidhanaṁ svasti
śiśoś cāsan suvismitāḥ


te — all those persons who arrived; tatra — there (in the vicinity of Nanda Mahārāja’s estate); varṇitam — described; gopaiḥ — by the cowherd men; pūtanā-āgamana-ādikam — everything about how Pūtanā the witch had come there and played havoc; śrutvā — after hearing; tat-nidhanam — and about how Pūtanā had died; svasti — all auspiciousness; śiśoḥ — for the baby; ca — and; āsan — offered; su-vismitāḥ — being struck with great wonder because of what had happened.


When the inhabitants of Vraja who had come from distant places heard the whole story of how Pūtanā had come and then been killed by Kṛṣṇa, they were certainly astonished, and they offered their blessings to the child for His wonderful deed of killing Pūtanā. Nanda Mahārāja, of course, was very much obliged to Vasudeva, who had foreseen the incident, and simply thanked him, thinking how wonderful Vasudeva was.