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ŚB 10.51.34


तेजसा तेऽविषह्येण भूरि द्रष्टुं न शक्नुम: ।
हतौजसा महाभाग माननीयोऽसि देहिनाम् ॥ ३४ ॥


tejasā te ’viṣahyeṇa
bhūri draṣṭuṁ na śaknumaḥ
hataujasā mahā-bhāga
mānanīyo ’si dehinām


tejasā — because of the effulgence; te — Your; aviṣahyeṇa — unbearable; bhūri — much; draṣṭum — to see; na śaknumaḥ — we are not able; hata — diminished; ojasā — with our faculties; mahā-bhaga — O most opulent one; mānanīyaḥ — to be honored; asi — You are; dehinam — by embodied beings.


Your unbearably brilliant effulgence overwhelms our strength, and thus we cannot fix our gaze upon You. O exalted one, You are to be honored by all embodied beings.