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ŚB 10.38.4


ममैतद् दुर्लभं मन्य उत्तम:श्लोकदर्शनम् ।
विषयात्मनो यथा ब्रह्मकीर्तनं शूद्रजन्मन: ॥ ४ ॥


mamaitad durlabhaṁ manya
viṣayātmano yathā brahma-
kīrtanaṁ śūdra-janmanaḥ


mama — my; etat — this; durlabham — difficult to achieve; manye — I consider; uttamaḥ-śloka — of the Supreme Lord, who is praised in the best poetry; darśanam — the audience; viṣaya-ātmanaḥ — for one who is absorbed in sense gratification; yathā — just as; brahma — of the Vedas; kīrtanam — chanting; śūdra — as a low-class man; janmanaḥ — by one who has taken his birth.


Since I am a materialistic person absorbed simply in sense gratification, I think it is as difficult for me to have gotten this opportunity to see Lord Uttamaḥśloka as it would be for one born a śūdra to be allowed to recite the Vedic mantras.