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ŚB 10.30.8


मालत्यदर्शि व: कच्चिन्मल्लिके जाति यूथिके ।
प्रीतिं वो जनयन् यात: करस्पर्शेन माधव: ॥ ८ ॥


mālaty adarśi vaḥ kaccin
mallike jāti-yūthike
prītiṁ vo janayan yātaḥ
kara-sparśena mādhavaḥ


mālati — O mālatī plant (a kind of white jasmine); adarśi — has been seen; vaḥ — by you; kaccit — whether; mallike — O mallikā (a different kind of jasmine); jāti — O jāti (another kind of white jasmine); yūthike — O yūthikā (yet another jasmine); prītim — pleasure; vaḥ — for you; janayan — generating; yātaḥ — has gone by; kara — of His hand; sparśena — by the touch; mādhavaḥ — Kṛṣṇa, the embodiment of the spring season.


O mālati, O mallikā, O jāti and yūthikā, has Mādhava gone by here, giving you pleasure with the touch of His hand?


When even tulasī herself did not answer the gopīs, they approached the fragrant jasmine flowers. The gopīs, seeing the jasmine vines humbly bowing down, assumed that these plants must have seen Lord Kṛṣṇa and were therefore showing humility in their ecstasy.