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ŚB 10.28.5


श्रीवरुण उवाच
अद्य मे निभृतो देहोऽद्यैवार्थोऽधिगत: प्रभो । त्वत्पादभाजो भगवन्नवापु: पारमध्वन: ॥ ५ ॥


śrī-varuṇa uvāca
adya me nibhṛto deho
’dyaivārtho ’dhigataḥ prabho
tvat-pāda-bhājo bhagavann
avāpuḥ pāram adhvanaḥ


śrī-varuṇaḥ uvāca — Śrī Varuṇa said; adya — today; me — by me; nibhṛtaḥ — is carried successfully; dehaḥ — my material body; adya — today; eva — indeed; arthaḥ — the goal of life; adhigataḥ — is experienced; prabho — O Lord; tvat — Your; pāda — the lotus feet; bhājaḥ — those who serve; bhagavan — O Supreme Personality; avāpuḥ — have achieved; pāram — the state of transcendence; adhvanaḥ — of the path (of material existence).


Śrī Varuṇa said: Now my body has fulfilled its function. Indeed, now the goal of my life is achieved, O Lord. Those who accept Your lotus feet, O Personality of Godhead, can transcend the path of material existence.


Varuṇa ecstatically exclaims here that since he has now seen the infinitely gorgeous body of Lord Kṛṣṇa, the trouble of assuming a material body has now been supremely justified. Indeed, the artha, the goal or real value of Varuṇa’s life, has now been achieved. Because Lord Kṛṣṇa’s form is transcendental, those who accept His lotus feet go beyond the boundary of material existence, and thus only the spiritually unaware would presume that the Lord’s lotus feet are material.