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ŚB 10.23.1


श्रीगोपा ऊचु:
राम राम महाबाहो कृष्ण दुष्टनिबर्हण ।
एषा वै बाधते क्षुन्नस्तच्छान्तिं कर्तुमर्हथ: ॥ १ ॥


śrī-gopa ūcuḥ
rāma rāma mahā-bāho
kṛṣṇa duṣṭa-nibarhaṇa
eṣā vai bādhate kṣun nas
tac-chāntiṁ kartum arhathaḥ


śrī-gopāḥ ūcuḥ — the cowherd boys said; rāma rāma — O Lord Rāma, Lord Rāma; mahā-bāho — O mighty-armed one; kṛṣṇa — O Lord Kṛṣṇa; duṣṭa — of the wicked; nibarhaṇa — O destroyer; eṣā — this; vai — indeed; bādhate — is causing distress; kṣut — hunger; naḥ — to us; tat-śāntim — its counteraction; kartum arhathaḥ — You ought to do.


The cowherd boys said: O Rāma, Rāma, mighty-armed one! O Kṛṣṇa, chastiser of the wicked! We are being harassed by hunger, and You should do something about it.


The cowherd boys jokingly implied that since Śrī Kṛṣṇa is the subduer of all bad things, the Lord should subdue their hunger by arranging for them to eat. In this statement by the cowherd boys, we observe the intimate loving friendship they enjoyed with the Supreme Personality of Godhead.