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ŚB 10.20.35


सर्वस्वं जलदा हित्वा विरेजु: शुभ्रवर्चस: ।
यथा त्यक्तैषणा: शान्ता मुनयो मुक्तकिल्बिषा: ॥ ३५ ॥


sarva-svaṁ jaladā hitvā
virejuḥ śubhra-varcasaḥ
yathā tyaktaiṣaṇāḥ śāntā
munayo mukta-kilbiṣāḥ


sarva-svam — everything they possess; jala-dāḥ — the clouds; hitvā — having given up; virejuḥ — shone forth; śubhra — pure; varcasaḥ — their effulgence; yathā — just as; tyakta-eṣaṇāḥ — who have given up all desires; śāntāḥ — pacified; munayaḥ — sages; mukta-kilbiṣāḥ — freed from evil propensities.


The clouds, having given up all they possessed, shone forth with purified effulgence, just like peaceful sages who have given up all material desires and are thus free of all sinful propensities.


When the clouds are filled with water, they are dark and cover the sun’s rays, just as the material mind of an impure man covers the soul shining within. But when the clouds pour down their rain, they become white and then brilliantly reflect the shining sun, just as a man who gives up all material desires and sinful propensities becomes purified and then brilliantly reflects his own soul and the Supreme Soul within.