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ŚB 10.16.58


वयं च तत्र भगवन् सर्पा जात्युरुमन्यव: ।
कथं त्यजामस्त्वन्मायां दुस्त्यजां मोहिता: स्वयम् ॥ ५८ ॥


vayaṁ ca tatra bhagavan
sarpā jāty-uru-manyavaḥ
kathaṁ tyajāmas tvan-māyāṁ
dustyajāṁ mohitāḥ svayam


vayam — we; ca — and; tatra — within that material creation; bhagavan — O Supreme Personality of Godhead; sarpāḥ — serpents; jāti — by species; uru-manyavaḥ — too much absorbed in anger; katham — how; tyajāmaḥ — we can give up; tvat-māyām — Your illusory potency; dustyajām — which is impossible to give up; mohitāḥ — bewildered; svayam — on our own.


O Supreme Personality of Godhead, among all the species within Your material creation, we serpents are by nature always enraged. Being thus deluded by Your illusory energy, which is very difficult to give up, how can we possibly give it up on our own?


Kāliya is here indirectly begging for the Lord’s mercy, realizing that on his own he can never become free from illusion and suffering. Only by surrendering to the Lord and obtaining His mercy can one be released from the painful conditions of material life.