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CC Madhya 7.16


dui-eka saṅge caluka, nā paḍa haṭha-raṅge
yāre kaha sei dui caluk tomāra saṅge


dui — two; eka — or one; saṅge — with You; caluka — let go; — do not; paḍa — fall; haṭha-raṅge — in the clutches of thieves and rogues; yāre — whoever; kaha — You say; sei — those; dui — two; caluk — let go; tomāra — You; saṅge — along with.


“Let one or two of us go with You; otherwise You may fall into the clutches of thieves and rogues along the way. They may be whomever You like, but two persons should go with You.