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CC Madhya 24.327


tabe tāra diśā sphure mo-nīcera hṛdaya
īśvara tumi, — ye karāha, sei siddha haya”


tabe — if You do so; tāra — of that; diśā — the process of writing; sphure — manifests; mo-nīcera — of someone lowborn like me; hṛdaya — in the heart; īśvara tumi — You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead; ye karāha — whatever You cause to do; sei siddha haya — that is perfectly done.


“If You would please manifest Yourself within my heart and personally direct me in writing this book, then, although I am lowborn, I may hope to be able to write it. You can do this because You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead Yourself, and whatever You direct is perfect.”