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CC Madhya 24.31


‘rati’-lakṣaṇā, ‘prema’-lakṣaṇā, ityādi pracāra
bhāva-rūpā, mahābhāva-lakṣaṇa-rūpā āra


rati — of attraction; lakṣaṇā — the symptoms; prema — of love; lakṣaṇā — the symptoms; iti-ādi — and so on; pracāra — are known; bhāva-rūpā — in the form of ecstatic love; mahā-bhāva — of higher ecstatic love; lakṣaṇa-rūpā — there are many symptoms; āra — other.


“Next are explained the symptoms of love of Godhead, which can be divided into nine varieties, beginning with attraction and extending up to ecstatic love and finally up to the topmost ecstatic love [mahābhāva].