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CC Madhya 24.160


yadā hi nendriyārtheṣu
na karmasv anuṣajjate
yogārūḍhas tadocyate


yadā — when; hi — certainly; na — not; indriya-artheṣu — sense gratification; na — not; karmasu — in activities; anuṣajjate — one becomes engaged; sarva — all kinds of; saṅkalpa — desires; sannyāsī — renouncing; yoga-ārūḍhaḥ — one who has actually attained perfection in the yoga system; tadā — at that time; ucyate — is said.


“ ‘When a person is no longer interested in acting for sense gratification and when he renounces all material desires, he is said to be situated in perfect yoga [yogārūḍha].’