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CC Madhya 21.124


aṭati yad bhavān ahni kānanaṁ
truṭir yugāyate tvām apaśyatām
kuṭila-kuntalaṁ śrī-mukhaṁ ca te
jaḍa udīkṣatāṁ pakṣma-kṛd dṛśām


aṭati — goes; yat — when; bhavān — Your Lordship; ahni — in the day; kānanam — to the forest; truṭiḥ — half a second; yugāyate — appears like a yuga; tvām — You; apaśyatām — of those not seeing; kuṭilakuntalam — adorned with curly hair; śrī-mukham — beautiful face; ca — and; te — Your; jaḍaḥ — stupid; udīkṣatām — looking at; pakṣmakṛt — the maker of eyelashes; dṛśām — of the eyes.


“ ‘O Kṛṣṇa, when You go to the forest during the day and we do not see Your sweet face, which is surrounded by beautiful curly hair, half a second becomes as long as an entire age for us. And we consider the creator, who has put eyelids on the eyes we use for seeing You, to be simply a fool.’


This verse is spoken by the gopīs in Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (10.31.15).