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CC Madhya 20.382


ananta brahmāṇḍa, tāra nāhika gaṇana
kona līlā kona brahmāṇḍe haya prakaṭana


ananta brahmāṇḍa — innumerable universes; tāra — of which; nāhika gaṇana — there is no counting; kona līlā — some pastimes; kona brahmāṇḍe — in some universe; haya — there is; prakaṭana — manifestation.


“The consecutive pastimes of Kṛṣṇa are being manifested in one of the innumerable universes moment after moment. There is no possibility of counting the universes, but in any case some pastime of the Lord is being manifested at every moment in one universe or another.