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CC Madhya 2.7


gambhīrā-bhitare rātre nāhi nidrā-lava
bhitte mukha-śira ghaṣe, kṣata haya saba


gambhīrā-bhitare — inside the inner room; rātre — at night; nāhi — there is not; nidrā-lava — a fraction of sleep; bhitte — on the wall; mukha — mouth; śira — head; ghaṣe — grind; kṣata — injuries; haya — there are; saba — all.


The small room beyond the corridor is called the Gambhīrā. Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu used to stay in that room, but He did not sleep for a moment. All night He used to grind His mouth and head on the wall, and His face sustained injuries all over.