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CC Madhya 2.6


roma-kūpe raktodgama, danta saba hāle
kṣaṇe aṅga kṣīṇa haya, kṣaṇe aṅga phule


roma-kūpe — the pores of the body; rakta-udgama — exuding blood; danta — teeth; saba — all; hāle — loosen; kṣaṇe — in one moment; aṅga — the whole body; kṣīṇa — slender; haya — becomes; kṣaṇe — in another moment; aṅga — the body; phule — fattens.


Blood flowed from all the pores of His body, and all His teeth were loosened. At one moment His whole body became slender, and at another moment His whole body became fat.