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CC Madhya 19.232


kānta-bhāve nijāṅga diyā karena sevana
ataeva madhura-rasera haya ‘pañca’ guṇa


kānta-bhāve — on the platform of conjugal love; nija-aṅga — own body; diyā — offering; karena — executes; sevana — service; ataeva — therefore; madhura-rasera — of the mellow of conjugal love; haya — there are; pañca guṇa — five kinds of transcendental qualities.


“On the platform of conjugal love, the devotee offers his body in the service of the Lord. Thus on this platform the transcendental qualities of all five rasas are present.


Attachment for Kṛṣṇa in śānta-rasa, rendering service to the Lord in dāsya-rasa, rendering relaxed service in fraternity and serving in parental love with feelings of maintenance all combine on the platform of conjugal love when the devotee wants to serve the Lord by offering Him his personal body. Thus the qualities of the other rasas combine to form the nectar of conjugal love. On this platform, all the different feelings of a devotee are amalgamated.