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CC Madhya 14.30


hari-vallabha, seṅoti, karpūra, mālatī
ḍālimā marica-lāḍu, navāta, amṛti


hari-vallabha — a sweetmeat like bread fried in ghee (like a doughnut); seṅoti — a sweetmeat made of a kind of fragrant flower; karpūra — a flower; mālatī — another flower; ḍālimā — pomegranate; marica-lāḍu — a sweetmeat made with black pepper; navāta — another kind of sweetmeat, made with fused sugar; amṛti — a preparation generally called amṛti-jilipi, made with rice powder and chick-pea flour, mixed with yogurt, fried in ghee and immersed in sugar water.


There were also the sweets known as hari-vallabha and sweets made of seṅoti flowers, karpūra flowers and mālatī flowers. There were pomegranates, sweets made with black pepper, sweets made with fused sugar, and amṛti-jilipi.