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CC Madhya 14.25


‘balagaṇḍi bhoge’ra prasāda — uttama, ananta
‘ni-sakaḍi’ prasāda āila, yāra nāhi anta


balagaṇḍi bhogera — of food offered at Balagaṇḍi; prasāda — remnants; uttama — all of the foremost quality; ananta — of all varieties; ni-sakaḍi — uncooked food like milk products and fruits; prasāda — remnants of food; āila — arrived; yāra — of which; nāhi — there is not; anta — end.


The prasādam sent by the King had been offered at the Balagaṇḍi festival and included uncooked milk products and fruits. It was all of the finest quality, and there was no end to the variety.