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CC Madhya 14.197


hṛt-prītāv api sambhramāt
bahiḥ krodho vyathita-vat
proktaṁ kuṭṭamitaṁ budhaiḥ


stana — breasts; adhara — lips; ādi — and so on; grahaṇe — when capturing; hṛt-prītau — satisfaction of the heart; api — even though; sambhramāt — because of respectfulness; bahiḥ — externally; krodhaḥ — anger; vyathita — aggrieved; vat — as if; proktam — called; kuṭṭamitam — the technical term kuṭṭamita; budhaiḥ — by learned scholars.


“ ‘When the border of Her sari and the cloth veiling Her face are caught, She externally appears offended and angry, but within Her heart She is very happy. Learned scholars call this attitude kuṭṭamita.’


This is a quotation from the Ujjvala-nīlamaṇi (Anubhāva-prakaraṇa 44).