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CC Madhya 14.191


mukhe-netre haya nānā-bhāvera udgāra
ei kāntā-bhāvera nāma ‘lalita’-alaṅkāra


mukhe — on the mouth; netre — on the eyes; haya — there are; nānā-bhāvera — of various ecstasies; udgāra — the awakening; ei — this; kāntā-bhāvera — of the condition of the female; nāma — the name; lalita — of lalita; alaṅkāra — the ornament.


“When there is an awakening of the various ecstatic features on Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī’s face and in Her eyes that are appropriate to a charming feminine attitude, the lalita ornament is manifest.