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CC Madhya 13.152


priyā priya-saṅga-hīnā,priya priyā-saṅga vinā,
nāhi jīye, — e satya pramāṇa
mora daśā śone yabe,
tāṅra ei daśā habe,
ei bhaye duṅhe rākhe prāṇa


priyā — a woman beloved; priya-saṅga-hīnā — being separated from the man beloved; priya — the man beloved; priyā-saṅga vinā — being separated from the woman beloved; nāhi jīye — cannot live; e satya pramāṇa — this is factual evidence; mora — My; daśā — situation; śone yabe — when one hears; tāṅra — his; ei — this; daśā — situation; habe — there will be; ei bhaye — out of this fear; duṅhe — both; rākhe prāṇa — keep their life.


“When a woman is separated from the man she loves or a man is separated from his beloved woman, neither of them can live. It is a fact that they live only for each other, for if one dies and the other hears of it, he or she will die also.