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CC Antya 7.44


na pāraye ’haṁ niravadya-saṁyujāṁ
sva-sādhu-kṛtyaṁ vibudhāyuṣāpi vaḥ
yā mābhajan durjaya-geha-śṛṅkhalāḥ
saṁvṛścya tad vaḥ pratiyātu sādhunā


na — not; pāraye — am able to make; aham — I; niravadya-saṁyujām — to those who are completely free from deceit; sva-sādhu-kṛtyam — proper compensation; vibudha-āyuṣā — with a lifetime as long as that of the demigods; api — although; vaḥ — to you; yāḥ — who; — Me; abhajan — have worshiped; durjaya-geha-śṛṅkhalāḥ — the chains of household life, which are difficult to overcome; saṁvṛścya — cutting; tat — that; vaḥ — of you; pratiyātu — let it be returned; sādhunā — by the good activity itself.


“ ‘O gopīs, I am not able to repay My debt for your spotless service, even within a lifetime of Brahmā. Your connection with Me is beyond reproach. You have worshiped Me, cutting off all domestic ties, which are difficult to break. Therefore please let your own glorious deeds be your compensation.’


This is a quotation from Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (10.32.22).