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CC Ādi 4.257


দোঁহার যে সমরস, ভরতমুনি মানে ।
আমার ব্রজের রস সেহ নাহি জানে ॥ ২৫৭ ॥


doṅhāra ye sama-rasa, bharata-muni māne
āmāra vrajera rasa seha nāhi jāne


doṅhāra — of both; ye — whatever; sama-rasa — equal mellows; bharata-muni — the saintly person named Bharata Muni; māne — accepts; āmāra — My; vrajera — of Vṛndāvana; rasa — mellows; seha — he; nāhi — not; jāne — knows.


“The sage Bharata has said that the mellows of lover and beloved are equal. But he does not know the mellows of My Vṛndāvana.


According to expert sexologists like Bharata Muni, the male and the female enjoy equally in material sexual pleasure. But in the spiritual world the relationships are different, although this is unknown to mundane experts.