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CC Ādi 4.251


পরস্পর বেণুগীতে হরয়ে চেতন ।
মোর ভ্রমে তমালেরে করে আলিঙ্গন ॥ ২৫১ ॥


paraspara veṇu-gīte haraye cetana
mora bhrame tamālere kare āliṅgana


paraspara — against each other; veṇu-gīte — the singing of the bamboo; haraye — attracts; cetana — consciousness; mora — of Me; bhrame — in mistake; tamālere — a black tree known as tamāla; kare — She does; āliṅgana — embracing.


“The flutelike murmur of the bamboos rubbing against one another steals Rādhārāṇī’s consciousness, for She thinks it to be the sound of My flute. And She embraces a tamāla tree, mistaking it for Me.