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CC Ādi 17.54


eta bali’ gelā prabhu karite gaṅgā-snāna
sei pāpī duḥkha bhoge, nā yāya parāṇa


eta bali’ — saying this; gelā — went away; prabhu — the Lord; karite — to take; gaṅgā-snāna — a bath in the Ganges; sei — that; pāpī — sinful man; duḥkha — pains; bhoge — suffers; — not; yāya — go away; parāṇa — the life.


After saying this, the Lord left to take His bath in the Ganges, and that sinful man did not give up his life but continued to suffer.


It appears that an offender to a Vaiṣṇava continues to suffer and does not give up his life. We have actually seen that a great vaiṣṇava-aparādhī continuously suffered so much that it was difficult for him to move, and yet he did not die.