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CC Ādi 13.68


লোকের নিস্তার–হেতু করেন চিন্তন ।
কেমতে এ সব লোকের হইবে তারণ ॥ ৬৮ ॥


lokera nistāra-hetu karena cintana
kemate e saba lokera ha-ibe tāraṇa


lokera — of all people; nistāra-hetu — for the matter of deliverance; karena — does; cintana — contemplation; kemate — how; e — these; saba — all; lokera — of people in general; ha-ibe — will become; tāraṇa — liberation.


Seeing the condition of the world, He began to think seriously of how all these people could be delivered from the clutches of māyā.