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CC Ādi 10.19


“daśa-sahasra gandharva more deha’ candramukha
tārā gāya, muñi nācoṅ — tabe mora sukha”


daśa-sahasra — ten thousand; gandharva — residents of Gandharvaloka; more — unto me; deha’ — please deliver; candra-mukha — O moon-faced one; tārā gāya — let them sing; muñi nācoṅ — let me dance; tabe — then; mora — my; sukha — happiness.


“O Candramukha! Please give me ten thousand Gandharvas. Let them sing as I dance, and then I will be greatly happy.”


The Gandharvas, who are residents of Gandharvaloka, are celebrated as celestial singers. Whenever singing is needed in the celestial planets, the Gandharvas are invited to sing. The Gandharvas can sing continuously for days, and therefore Vakreśvara Paṇḍita wanted to dance as they sang.