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Teachings of Lord Kapila

1: The Purpose of Lord Kapila’s Advent
2: The Transcendental Master and Supreme Yogī
3: How to Understand the Lord’s Activities
4: Approaching a Bona Fide Guru
5: Lord Kapila Takes Charge of His Mother, Devahūti
6: Devahūti Desires Transcendental Knowledge
7: Lord Kapila Begins to Explain Self-Realization
8: Bhakti-Yoga: The Supreme Yoga System
9: Purifying the Mind for Self-Realization
10: Spiritual Attachment and Material Detachment
11: The Symptoms of a Sādhu
12: Association with the Supreme Lord Through Hearing
13: Perfect Knowledge Through Surrender
14: Bhakti as Ultimate Liberation
15: Meditation on the Lord’s Transcendental Form
16: The Pure Devotees’ Spiritual Opulences
17: Taking Shelter of Kṛṣṇa, the Supreme Controller
18: Devotional Service: The Final Perfection