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ŚB 9.7.18


भूमे: पर्यटनं पुण्यं तीर्थक्षेत्रनिषेवणै: ।
रोहितायादिशच्छक्र: सोऽप्यरण्येऽवसत् समाम् ॥ १८ ॥


bhūmeḥ paryaṭanaṁ puṇyaṁ
rohitāyādiśac chakraḥ
so ’py araṇye ’vasat samām


bhūmeḥ — of the surface of the world; paryaṭanam — traveling; puṇyam — holy places; tīrtha-kṣetra — places of pilgrimage; niṣevaṇaiḥ — by serving or going to and coming from such places; rohitāya — unto Rohita; ādiśat — ordered; śakraḥ — King Indra; saḥ — he, Rohita; api — also; araṇye — in the forest; avasat — lived; samām — for one year.


King Indra advised Rohita to travel to different pilgrimage sites and holy places, for such activities are pious indeed. Following this instruction, Rohita went to the forest for one year.