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ŚB 5.20.28


अन्त:प्रविश्य भूतानि यो बिभर्त्यात्मकेतुभि: ।
अन्तर्यामीश्वर: साक्षात्पातु नो यद्वशे स्फुटम् ॥ २८ ॥


antaḥ-praviśya bhūtāni
yo bibharty ātma-ketubhiḥ
antaryāmīśvaraḥ sākṣāt
pātu no yad-vaśe sphuṭam


antaḥ-praviśya — entering within; bhūtāni — all living entities; yaḥ — who; bibharti — maintains; ātma-ketubhiḥ — by the functions of the inner airs (prāṇa, apāna, etc.); antaryāmī — the Supersoul within; īśvaraḥ — the Supreme Person; sākṣāt — directly; pātu — please maintain; naḥ — us; yat-vaśe — under whose control; sphuṭam — the cosmic manifestation.


[The inhabitants of Śākadvīpa worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead in the form of Vāyu in the following words.] O Supreme Person, situated as the Supersoul within the body, You direct the various actions of the different airs, such as prāṇa, and thus You maintain all living entities. O Lord, O Supersoul of everyone, O controller of the cosmic manifestation under whom everything exists, may You protect us from all dangers.


Through the mystic yoga practice called prāṇāyāma, the yogī controls the airs within the body to maintain the body in a healthy condition. In this way, the yogī comes to the point of trance and tries to see the Supersoul within the core of his heart. Prāṇāyāma is the means to attain samādhi, trance, in order to fully absorb oneself in seeing the Supreme Lord as antaryāmī, the Supersoul within the core of the heart.