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ŚB 4.30.46


भस्मसात्क्रियमाणांस्तान् द्रुमान्वीक्ष्य पितामह: ।
आगत: शमयामास पुत्रान् बर्हिष्मतो नयै: ॥ ४६ ॥


bhasmasāt kriyamāṇāṁs tān
drumān vīkṣya pitāmahaḥ
āgataḥ śamayām āsa
putrān barhiṣmato nayaiḥ


bhasmasāt — into ashes; kriyamāṇān — being made; tān — all of them; drumān — the trees; vīkṣya — seeing; pitāmahaḥ — Lord Brahmā; āgataḥ — came there; śamayām āsa — pacified; putrān — the sons; barhiṣmataḥ — of King Barhiṣmān; nayaiḥ — by logic.


After seeing that all the trees on the surface of the earth were being turned to ashes, Lord Brahmā immediately came to the sons of King Barhiṣmān and pacified them with words of logic.


Whenever there is some uncommon occurrence on any planet, Lord Brahmā, being in charge of the whole universe, immediately comes to control the situation. Lord Brahmā also came when Hiraṇyakaśipu underwent severe penances and austerities and made the whole universe tremble. A responsible man in any establishment is always alert to keep peace and harmony within the establishment. Similarly, Lord Brahmā is also allowed to keep peace and harmony within this universe. He consequently pacified the sons of King Barhiṣmān with good logic.