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ŚB 4.19.35


क्रतुर्विरमतामेष देवेषु दुरवग्रह: ।
धर्मव्यतिकरो यत्र पाखण्डैरिन्द्रनिर्मितै: ॥ ३५ ॥


kratur viramatām eṣa
deveṣu duravagrahaḥ
dharma-vyatikaro yatra
pākhaṇḍair indra-nirmitaiḥ


kratuḥ — the sacrifice; viramatām — let it stop; eṣaḥ — this; deveṣu — amongst the demigods; duravagrahaḥ — addiction to unwanted things; dharma-vyatikaraḥ — violation of religious principles; yatra — where; pākhaṇḍaiḥ — by sinful activities; indra — by the King of heaven; nirmitaiḥ — manufactured.


Lord Brahmā continued: Stop the performance of these sacrifices, for they have induced Indra to introduce so many irreligious aspects. You should know very well that even amongst the demigods there are many unwanted desires.


There are many competitors in ordinary business affairs, and the karma-kāṇḍa chapters of the Vedas sometimes cause competition and envy amongst karmīs. A karmī must be envious because he wishes to enjoy material pleasures to their fullest extent. That is the material disease. Consequently there is always competition amongst karmīs, either in ordinary business affairs or in the performance of yajña. Lord Brahmā’s purpose was to end the competition between Lord Indra and Mahārāja Pṛthu. Because Mahārāja Pṛthu was a great devotee and incarnation of God, he was requested to stop the sacrifices so that Indra might not further introduce irreligious systems, which are always followed by criminal-minded people.