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ŚB 12.3.47


यथा हेम्नि स्थितो वह्निर्दुर्वर्णं हन्ति धातुजम् ।
एवमात्मगतो विष्णुर्योगिनामशुभाशयम् ॥ ४७ ॥


yathā hemni sthito vahnir
durvarṇaṁ hanti dhātu-jam
evam ātma-gato viṣṇur
yoginām aśubhāśayam


yathā — just as; hemni — in gold; sthitaḥ — situated; vahniḥ — fire; durvarṇam — the discoloration; hanti — destroys; dhātu-jam — due to the taint of other metals; evam — in the same way; ātma-gataḥ — having entered the soul; viṣṇuḥ — Lord Viṣṇu; yoginām — of the yogīs; aśubha-āśayam — the dirty mind.


Just as fire applied to gold removes any discoloration caused by traces of other metals, Lord Viṣṇu within the heart purifies the minds of the yogīs.


Although one may practice the mystic yoga system, his actual spiritual advancement is due to the mercy of the Supreme Lord within the heart; it is not directly the result of his austerity and meditation. If one becomes foolishly proud in the name of yoga, his spiritual position becomes ridiculous.