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ŚB 11.30.12


ततस्तस्मिन् महापानं पपुर्मैरेयकं मधु ।
दिष्टविभ्रंशितधियो यद्‌द्रवैर्भ्रश्यते मति: ॥ १२ ॥


tatas tasmin mahā-pānaṁ
papur maireyakaṁ madhu
yad-dravair bhraśyate matiḥ


tataḥ — then; tasmin — there; mahā — a large amount; pānam — drink; papuḥ — they drank; maireyakam — called maireya; madhu — sweet-tasting; diṣṭa — by destiny; vibhraṁśita — having lost; dhiyaḥ — their intelligence; yat — of which beverage; dravaiḥ — by the liquid ingredients; bhraśyate — is disrupted; matiḥ — the mind.


Then, their intelligence covered by Providence, they liberally indulged in drinking the sweet maireya beverage, which can completely intoxicate the mind.


The word diṣṭa here indicates the desire of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In the First Chapter of this canto, “The Curse upon the Yadu Dynasty,” this incident is elaborately explained.