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ŚB 11.3.19


नित्यार्तिदेन वित्तेन दुर्लभेनात्ममृत्युना ।
गृहापत्याप्तपशुभि: का प्रीति: साधितैश्चलै: ॥ १९ ॥


nityārtidena vittena
kā prītiḥ sādhitaiś calaiḥ


nitya — constantly; ārti-dena — giving pain; vittena — with wealth; durlabhena — hard to acquire; ātma-mṛtyunā — death for the self; gṛha — with one’s home; apatya — children; āpta — relatives; paśubhiḥ — and domestic animals; — what; prītiḥ — happiness; sādhitaiḥ — which are gained (by that wealth); calaiḥ — unsteady.


Wealth is a perpetual source of distress, it is most difficult to acquire, and it is virtual death for the soul. What satisfaction does one actually gain from his wealth? Similarly, how can one gain ultimate or permanent happiness from one’s so-called home, children, relatives and domestic animals, which are all maintained by one’s hard-earned money?