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ŚB 11.27.44


उपगायन् गृणन् नृत्यन् कर्माण्यभिनयन् मम ।
मत्कथा: श्रावयन् श‍ृण्वन् मुहूर्तं क्षणिको भवेत् ॥ ४४ ॥


upagāyan gṛṇan nṛtyan
karmāṇy abhinayan mama
mat-kathāḥ śrāvayan śṛṇvan
muhūrtaṁ kṣaṇiko bhavet


upagāyan — singing along; gṛṇan — loudly vibrating; nṛtyan — dancing; karmāṇi — transcendental activities; abhinayan — imitating by acting out; mama — My; mat-kathāḥ — stories about Me; śrāvayan — causing others to hear; śṛṇvan — hearing himself; muhūrtam — for some time; kṣaṇikaḥ — absorbed in the celebration; bhavet — he should become.


Singing along with others, chanting loudly and dancing, acting out My transcendental pastimes, and hearing and telling stories about Me, the devotee should for some time absorb himself in such festivity.


A devotee engaged in regulative worship of the Supreme Lord should sometimes become ecstatically absorbed in chanting and hearing the pastimes of the Lord, dancing, and other festivities. The word muhūrtam, “for some time,” indicates that a devotee should be careful not to neglect his regulative principles and service to the Lord in the name of so-called ecstasy. Although one may be ecstatically engaged in chanting, hearing and dancing, he cannot give up the formality of regulated service to the Lord.