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ŚB 11.17.51


यद‍ृच्छयोपपन्नेन शुक्लेनोपार्जितेन वा ।
धनेनापीडयन् भृत्यान् न्यायेनैवाहरेत् क्रतून् ॥ ५१ ॥


śuklenopārjitena vā
dhanenāpīḍayan bhṛtyān
nyāyenaivāharet kratūn


yadṛcchayā — without endeavor; upapannena — which is acquired; śuklena — by one’s honest occupation; upārjitena — acquired; — or; dhanena — with money; apīḍayan — not subjecting to discomfort; bhṛtyān — dependents; nyāyena — properly; eva — indeed; āharet — one should perform; kratūn — sacrifices and other religious ceremonies.


A householder should comfortably maintain his dependents either with money that comes of its own accord or with that gathered by honest execution of one’s duties. According to one’s means, one should perform sacrifices and other religious ceremonies.


The Lord here describes the religious duties that are to be performed as far as possible, according to one’s means, and when there is opportunity.