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ŚB 10.57.41


स्यमन्तकं दर्शयित्वा ज्ञातिभ्यो रज आत्मन: ।
विमृज्य मणिना भूयस्तस्मै प्रत्यर्पयत् प्रभु: ॥ ४१ ॥


syamantakaṁ darśayitvā
jñātibhyo raja ātmanaḥ
vimṛjya maṇinā bhūyas
tasmai pratyarpayat prabhuḥ


syamantakam — the Syamantaka jewel; darśayitvā — after showing; jñātibhyaḥ — to His relatives; rajaḥ — the contamination; ātmanaḥ — (falsely heaped upon) Himself; vimṛjya — wiping away; maṇinā — with the jewel; bhūyaḥ — again; tasmai — to him, Akrūra; pratyarpayat — offered it back; prabhuḥ — the Supreme Lord.


After the almighty Lord had shown the Syamantaka jewel to His relatives, thus dispelling the false accusations against Him, He returned it to Akrūra.


For the second time, doubts about the Lord’s reputation occasioned by the Syamantaka jewel are dispelled by the jewel itself. Indeed, for the second time the Lord brought the jewel to Dvārakā to establish His integrity there. This amazing series of incidents demonstrates that even when Lord Kṛṣṇa descends to this world there is a tendency for His “peers” to criticize Him. The whole material world is infected by the faultfinding propensity, and in this chapter the Supreme Lord demonstrates the nature of this undesirable quality.